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Ordering a Wedding Dress

Your Guide to Dress Ordering Options Available...


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3 Easy Steps to your Dream Dress...

Choosing a Jools Valentia made-to-order wedding dress is the most popular choice of wedding dress for brides. The process is pretty simple and stress free...


1. Select your dress from one of the Jools Valentia Bridal Collections, Some customisable options are available which can help create your dream dress, your stylist can go through these with you during your consultation whether that be online or at the studio.


2.   You then to provide your measurements or we can always assist you with a virtual measurement service. 


3. Once payment has been received your gown will then be made to our standard pattern size based on the measurements provided.


You should expect to have some alterations for the perfect fit which are not included in the purchase price. Some customisable options are available which can help create your dream dress, your stylist can go through these with you during your consultation.


Price Range : £1000 to over £2500

Delivery : 4 - 9 months. Express delivery options available


When Size Matters...

You can choose to have any Jools Valentia bridal gown made-to-measure.  This means every bridal gown is custom made, but it is the size that is tailored rather than the whole design.  We all come in different shapes and sizes, so this service benefits those of you that may go over 2 or more sizes on the size chart. A made-to -measure gown will reduce the amount of alterations required had you opted for a standard size gown where you may have had to go up a few sizes due to the largest measurement of your body shape.


The process is much the same as our made-to-order wedding dress service; choose a style from the designers’ collections; measurements are taken and then we make a dress to fit your unique body shape.


Made-to-measure wedding dresses are generally cheaper than bespoke made-to-order dresses, as we will not have to create a new design from scratch, we can use existing design patterns and just adjust the sizes to make it a perfect fit. 

Please note if your measurements change from the date of order and alterations are required you may still require adjustments which will be charged for.


Also, If you are ordering online you will be charged a reduced made-to-measure  fee of £249 as we can not guarantee the measurements that have been provided this way


Price Range : Expect to pay between £450 to £800 in addition to your dress cost

Delivery : allow an additional 4-8 weeks on standard order times


Price Range : £1000 to over £2500

Delivery : 4 - 9 months. Express delivery options available

Waist Measurement
Cutting Fabric

Made-to-Order Bridal Design

The Luxury Bridal Experience...

The Jools Valentia bespoke made-to-order wedding dress design service involves the process of creating a completely new design based on your unique requirements.


Jools will work with your ideas and dreams to design and create and wedding dress specifically for you. Its a more lengthy process but the ultimate luxury bridal experience


The bespoke dressmaking process normally involves multiple fitting sessions. Brides who go for bespoke often know exactly what they want and can’t find anything they like in the existing market or tend to have a large budget so that they can enjoy the luxury of having a personally designed dress.

You start with an initial design consultation in-store or by video call where Jools will gather information of what you are looking for and make a dress sketch based on your description, in addition a digital mood board will be created for the bride.


You can save money on this service if you have a design already and just want us to make the dress.

You will receive a discount if you are purchasing this service online and not attending the design studio as your finished gown may need minor adjustments to achieve your desired fit. You will need to organise yourself after delivery. (This service would be included if you were attending appointments at the studio). Alterations are only chargeable with this service if your measurements change from the date of order.

Initial 30 Minute Consultation - FREE

Design Sketches & Mood Board £249.00

Gown Price Range : From £2500

Delivery: Allow 8-12 months.

Expedited delivery is available at a surcharge

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