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Inspired by a Rainbow...

Day 12 of Social distancing...

Trying to take my mind off the daily news stories on the TV & social media continually letting us know how millions of people are suffering and how many more deaths there have been around the world from this deadly new virus they call COVID-19.


Sitting on my sofa I turn to my means of escapism and start designing for my next wedding dress collection...

My daughter, sat at her table just a few feet away happily drawing what seems like her 10th rainbow of the day; an image that brings hope and a smile to my face (as like me, drawing brings her a great deal of happiness)...


The Jools Valentia Rainbow Dress

rainbow dress.jpg

... On praising her how brilliant her drawing was she said "Mummy, I know! why don't you make a rainbow dress?!!!"

Currently, having a bit more time on my hands than usual, I put pen to paper and drew her a rainbow dress.

I then had an idea - what if this could be a dress of hope to unite the community and was decorated with as many NHS & Key workers as possible? Absolutely everyone! from cleaners to front line staff as each and every one of them provide essential support and services to protect the country. Once complete the dress could then be displayed to show our support and appreciation for everything they do for the nation...

...If you are, or you know an NHS Employee or Key Worker and would like to help me with my project and show them how much they are appreciated.  Please upload your photo below (preferably in uniform) (if its not you, please make sure you get consent from the person whose photo it is)

I've just ordered the fabric for this project so Its going to take me about 6 weeks to make this dress so please make sure you send your photos in before 16th May 2020 to ensure they are included in the finished design

Submit your Photo...

Please tick this box to confirm that this image is of a person over the age of 18 and you have permission to share this image

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Optional : If you would like to receive a rainbow dress progress update, please provide an email address.

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Hospital Staff
thank you to the nhs.jpg

If you are an NHS or a Key Worker you can save up to 30% off a Jools Valentia Wedding Dress

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